Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ideas to Cope with the Lockout:

In the National Hockey League's almost 100 year history, every single "work stoppage" has occurred during my lifetime. Hockey fans lost the entire season to a lockout in 2004-2005. That is not okay, and I am sick of the owners, and players, feeling like I am a walking dollar sign. Since I am not naïve enough to think that I won't be back in the event of a lockout, I have come up with ways to cope with the lockout we, as the ones who pay the salaries, will face this year.
Follow me after the jump for ideas...
  • Eat a whole lot of ice cream -- you will become incredibly happy drowning your sadness and anger in sweetness
  • Pick a team and find places to watch old games from the playoffs and/or regular season -- There may not be current games to watch but, you can feel like you're cheering on your team.
  • Go to protests and let the NHL, and PA, know that you care and you are not going to stand for another lockout -- it won't work but, at least you feel like you're doing something
  • Watch hockey clips on youtube -- At least you'll get to see the only things you want to see (ie. Pavel Datsyuk being Pav, etc) 
  • Feel free to come up with other ideas... we all need to stick together

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